Tired of Looking at an Unsightly Tree Stump?

Arrange for our stump grinding services in Jefferson & Athens, GA

If an old tree stump is making your yard look unkempt, then it's time to get rid of it. Integrity Tree Service can provide stump removal services on your property in Jefferson & Athens, GA. Our experienced team will cut down most of the stump, remove its base by grinding it down, then remove the tree's underground roots. When woodchips are all that remains of the tree, we can remove them or leave them for you to use as mulch.

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3 reasons to get rid of a stump promptly

3 reasons to get rid of a stump promptly

A tree stump is more than an eyesore. It's also a problem for your landscape. We recommend setting up a stump grinding and removal appointment sooner rather than later because:

  • Your stump can grow fungi that damage other plants.
  • Your stump can make an ideal home to pests.
  • Your stump can spread a tree disease to other trees.
You don't want to hesitate to remove your stump. Contact our team right away to set up a stump grinding and removal appointment.